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    Our contract solutions have been successfully applied on almost all continents, and we can serve your needs in either English, French or both.

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  • Exequatur

    We combine engineering and legal backgrounds, and a wide hands-on/on-site construction projects experience, acting at various positions within the construction team as either Contractor, Employer or Engineer.

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    We are experienced on all major forms of construction contracts (FIDIC, NEC3, JCT, etc.), can work in English and/or French speaking environments, and are highly recognized professionals in the industry.

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  • Training on FIDIC Contracts

    Make sure you are well prepared to use these construction contracts which are the most widely used across the globe.
    We are FIDIC Accredited Trainers and provide training on all FIDIC forms of contracts.

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Welcome to Exequatur

We at Exequatur are specialized in training, advisory and dispute resolution services on construction contracts. We bring together our hands-on experience at all levels of the construction team, as well as our combined engineering and legal skills, and our wide international experience, to serve your contract management needs wherever you job site is.

Our experience cuts across many sectors such as water & wastewater, power, road, port, medical and other infrastructure. Our latest commissions include: several training courses on FIDIC contracts for the renewable energy sector, contract due diligence services for a port concession in the Caribbean, assistance for the development of new Standard Bidding Documents for an International Financing Institution, support to contract administration on several high voltage Overhead Transmission Lines (OHTL) projects in Southern Africa, claim management services on a nuclear power project in Western Europe, or adjudication services on a port construction project in Northern Africa.

Welcome to this Web site – through these pages you will find out more about who we are and how we can serve you.

Our priority ?

“Dispute prevention. Identifying risks and dealing with those before they crystallize.”


  • The Contractor’s building defects liability in England and Wales

    We discuss in this paper in what circumstances can a contractor be found liable for defects discovered by the building occupier several years after project completion, whether by reason of contractual commitments or by reason of tortious duties arising under statute and common law.
  • Relation between common law and statute in England and Wales

    We critically discuss in this paper the relationship between common law and statute throughout the development of the law of obligations (i.e. contract and tort) in England and Wales and consider whether there are any areas of contract and/or tort law where further statutory intervention would be desirable.
  • Risk management under standard forms of construction contract

    We discuss in this paper the extent to which UK and international standard form construction contracts and consultant appointments include binding provisions for proactive risk management, and consider the effectiveness of those provisions in avoiding or resolving disputes.

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